Palmetto Bug vs Cockroach: What’s the Distinction?

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Odds are fairly good that you just’ve heard of a cockroach earlier than — and also you’ve probably encountered one (or a number of) of those gross pests at dwelling in your lifetime, too. If not, you’re a fortunate soul! Cockroaches, that are discovered actually everywhere in the world, undoubtedly have a built-in “ick” issue, because of their creepy-crawly look. That “ick” issue undoubtedly isn’t helped by the truth that cockroaches are normally present in locations which are soiled, damp, and cluttered, or that they’re typically present in teams. The place you see one, there’s normally extra — and in the event you can’t see these, it simply means they’re hiding. Shudder.

Relying on the place you reside in the USA, you may additionally have heard somebody point out palmetto bugs — which look suspiciously just like cockroaches. So, what’s the distinction between palmetto bugs and cockroaches?

When something has two names, it may be past complicated. What precisely is a cockroach, and what on this planet is a palmetto bug? And how are you going to inform if what you’re seeing is a palmetto bug or a cockroach? Right here, knowledgeable entomologists (aka execs in all issues bugs), clarify palmetto bugs vs. cockroaches and provide recommendation on stopping each.

Cockroaches, additionally known as “roaches,” are bugs that normally have lengthy oval-shaped our bodies with lengthy antennae. That is one distinction between cockroaches and beetles, which normally have quick antennae.

There are various various kinds of cockroaches all around the globe, however they normally all have wings (though some are nonfunctional). They seem to have onerous “shells,” however their our bodies normally have a leathery or papery texture.

Cockroaches are extraordinarily resourceful and resilient creatures and have the power to outlive in all kinds of environments. They will go with out meals for weeks, however want water to outlive. That’s why you’ll typically discover them in damp locations like basements.

Some cockroaches thrive open air, however many desire residing indoors, in properties, companies, and different enclosed areas the place they will discover meals, water, and shelter. The commonest areas you’ll discover cockroaches are kitchens and loos.

A typical cockroach you’ll discover inside is the German cockroach, says Changlu Wang, Ph.D Extension Specialist in Entomology at Rutgers College, explains.

“Outdoors, cockroaches are sometimes present in mulch, shrubs, tree cavities, and sewage pipes,” Wang provides.

Cockroaches are most energetic at evening, however in case you have an infestation you may discover droppings (which look a bit like pepper) and odor a musty odor.

Cockroaches can unfold disease-causing micro organism, and their saliva, droppings, and shed pores and skin can irritate allergic reactions and bronchial asthma.

The palmetto bug is a time period mostly used within the Southeastern United States.

“The Palmetto bug is a time period used to consult with sure kinds of giant cockroaches that primarily dwell open air and are sometimes present in Palmetto palm bushes in areas the place these vegetation are widespread,” Scott Svenheim from Truly Nolen Pest Control explains.

Unhealthy information: Palmetto bugs are simply cockroaches with a fancier identify.

When folks use the time period “palmetto bug,” they’re normally referring to American or smoky brown cockroaches, Svenheim says.

There are different regional names for cockroaches, too. “Within the Southwest, Palmetto bugs are generally known as American roaches or sewer roaches and infrequently reside on the outside of a house in heat, damp areas like irrigation packing containers or below giant particles,” says Joel Maynerich of Moxie Pest Control.

Irrespective of the place you’re in the USA, when the temperatures get actually excessive, cockroaches, palmetto bugs, or sewer roaches may wander into your private home.

And sure, palmetto bugs can fly.

Like different cockroaches, palmetto bugs can fly. However Svenheim assures us that whereas palmetto bugs have wings and the power to fly, they normally select to not (or will solely fly quick distances).

There are a number of kinds of cockroaches that may be known as “palmetto bugs.” 

Apart from the American cockroach, there are another bigger cockroaches which are known as palmetto bugs. These are the cockroaches that may be known as “palmetto bugs.”

American cockroaches are the most important of roaches identified for infesting homes. Individuals may additionally consult with them as water bugs. They’re sometimes a red-brown coloration with yellow on their oval formed physique. 

American cockroaches have six legs, lengthy antennae, and a figure-eight sample on the again of their heads.

American cockroaches could be discovered worldwide, and so they can fly quick distances. 

American cockroaches primarily dwell open air, nevertheless it’s not unusual to seek out them in a home or constructing. They dwell in sewers and drains and thrive in additional humid and shady areas — so don’t be stunned in the event you see one in dust, mulch, and flower beds. 

American cockroaches are omnivores, which means they’ll eat vegetation and animals. “They don’t seem to be choosy eaters and can eat trash, manure, sugars, and meat,” Maynerich explains. When issues are actually scarce they’ll even cannibalize and eat the weak cockroaches round them to outlive and assist to cut back inhabitants dimension.

Smoky brown cockroaches are generally discovered within the southeastern a part of the U.S. and infrequently in giant cities. You’ll normally discover these cockroaches exterior, however they do breed in attics, permitting them to develop unnoticed. 

Smoky brown cockroaches are bigger cockroaches that additionally dwell in hotter and high-humidity climate. They like to dwell in moist areas which are a bit extra protected against pure components corresponding to rain and colder climate. It is because they’re liable to turning into dehydrated and so they actually have to dwell in one of these setting to outlive. You could find smoky brown cockroaches in wooded areas in bushes and even below mulch. 

Smoky brown cockroaches desire to be extra energetic at evening or very early within the morning, which is after they seek for meals and water. Their weight loss plan is fairly on par with different cockroaches: lifeless bugs, meat, starches, and sweets. 

The Florida woods cockroach could be present in constructions close to your private home, like garages, water pumps, storage areas, and anyplace vegetation, mulch, and dust could be discovered, like in a greenhouse.

Sadly, Florida woods cockroaches can generally make their method into your private home by hitching a experience on one thing you’re bringing inside, like a plant, firewood, or a cardboard field.

Florida woods cockroaches have our bodies which are darkish purple and seem nearly black in coloration. Their wings are too quick to make them efficient fliers.

Not like the opposite cockroaches which are thought of palmetto bugs, the Florida woods cockroach doesn’t have any curiosity in consuming waste or particles. That is why you’ll discover them extra exterior than inside. They like to eat lifeless or dying vegetation and leaves and bark. Florida woods cockroaches are identified to additionally eat molds and mosses, and also you’ll discover them in bushes, decaying logs, below leaves, and in compost. 

The Australian cockroach seems to have extra coloration than different cockroaches. They’re reddish brown with yellow markings on their wings.

Australian cockroaches want heat to outlive and can transfer inside when the climate turns into colder. Identical to the opposite cockroaches, Australian cockroaches desire to dwell someplace with excessive humidity and could be present in bushes and in piles of wooden and leaves. 

The Australian cockroach prefers to remain exterior close to wooded areas and gardens. However, they’re not shy sufficient to steer clear of venturing into buildings in the hunt for meals or water. In the event you do see Australian cockroaches inside a retailer, enterprise, or your private home, you’ll discover them near meals and water (which means your bathtubs, drains, sinks, and in your kitchen). 

Australian cockroaches desire to eat vegetation, however will eat something they will discover, together with rubbish and feces.

Stopping Cockroaches and Palmetto Bugs at Dwelling

The easiest way to stop cockroaches and palmetto bugs at house is to maintain your private home clear and freed from meals particles. As a result of these bugs like moisture, it’s necessary to ensure you don’t have any water leaks at dwelling, too.

Take away cardboard and another litter, which might present a simple hiding spot for cockroaches and palmetto bugs.

You must also seal any cracks and gaps round home windows and doorways, which give a method for cockroaches and palmetto bugs to enter your private home. (Right here’s a information for the best way to add weatherstripping to your doorways for reference.)

Whereas you should buy DIY-friendly cockroach poison — and even pure roach repellants — it’s finest to name a professional to deal with infestations.